Heavy Lifter Quad

The first frame I built for this model was designed very carefully to fit inside a hard case I had while still maximizing wingspan. Unfortunately the frame was not rigid enough and would oscillate badly rendering it unflyable.

original frame 1

original frame 2

In order to test the electronics I cut out a  simple square and screwed the arms to it. It was supposed to be temporary but with so little time left for testing and tuning I may end up flying this setup at the wedding.  The wingspan is much shorter than I would like but I think with proper tuning it will be stable enough.  I made a test flight with the brushless gimbal and it is amazingly smooth! Even with no tuning and some heavy I-gain oscillation the video looks like cinematic crane shot. I’m using the KK2.0 board for testing so I’m not going to bother tuning until I get the ArduFlyer system in there.

heavy lifter quad 1

landing gear 4

This frame was really just thrown together with no design time put into it. It ended up coming out quite nicely if you ignore the long wires sticking out of the sides that resulted from shrinking the frame.

The landing gear you see there had a bit more thought put into it.  The whole thing is stuck on with heavy duty velcro and is surprisingly secure. The camera plate is removable by just unscrewing two screws. There’s plenty of clearance and the whole thing is very sturdy and weighs in at just 275 grams!

landing gear 1 landing gear 2landing gear 3

The all up weight with camera, gimbal, battery, and landing gear is 2.2 kg.  That may seem like a lot but the static lift capacity I measured is about 5.5 kg so it actually feels fairly nimble in the air.

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