ArduFlyer and Wedding Prep

I have been recruited to take some aerial video/photographs of my sister’s wedding in September.  I want to have more control and failsafe for flying a heavy multirotor in a crowded environment than the KK2.0 can offer so I decided to go with the ArduPilot Mega 2.5 platform (APM).  I got the RCTimer ArduFlyer clone from complete with GPS, two way telemetry, and MAVLink On Screen Display.  This flight controller gives fully autonomous flight with fully configurable failsafe with return to launch and a dozen other flight modes like loiter, altitude hold, circle, follow-me, stabilize, super simple (smart orientation like the DJI Phantom has!), and GPS waypoint flying!  And all this on an open source, arduino based platform for around $190!

I was hoping the APM would be mostly plug and play but I’ve spent most of the last couple weeks soldering wiring harnesses and configuring software.  For example, this is the harness I made to connect the on screen display (OSD) to the first person view (FPV) camera and the video/audio transmitter and supply clean power.


The whole thing is pretty much ready to go, all I need now is to finish building the frame.  If this frame doesn’t workout, with such a short time frame I may have to buy a premade frame. I want to have at least two weeks to flight test it and work out the bugs and get familiar with the new flight characteristics before showtime.

Stay tuned, more build logs and mods to come!


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