Flight Controller Mount

Here’s a quick and easy vibration isolating mount for a flight controller.  It uses foam poster board, rubber bands, a paper clip, and moon jell (or a sticky hand toy).  The KK2.0 Flight Control board weighs about 21 grams and therefore it takes very little energy to get it vibrating.  This means the isolation material must be extremely soft. I used one square here but I may double it up in the future.  I have seen other designs that use rubber bands attached to a frame to suspend the FC but I don’t have enough room on my flight deck to implement that.  I still use rubber bands here but this design only adds about 5mm to the length and width and about 12mm to the height.

First, slap that moon jell to the back of your board.  I realized that the gel doesn’t stick out far enough to comfortably clear the pins on the back so it will need to be spaced up from the mount.

2013-05-30 18.16.15_sm

Then measure and cut a square of foam board to about 10mm larger than the flight controller board.  Mark where the holes in the FC will go and cut slots for the rubber bands. Then cut a smaller square that the moon jell will rest on and glue it in place.

2013-05-30 18.16.00_sm

Cut up a small paper clip and bend the ends over so they can catch the rubber band.  Poke them into the sides of the board to test fit.  Remove them, add glue and reinsert permanently. I should have bent them in to a zig zag first because they have a tendency to turn in the hole.  The rubber bands are not really under tension, they are only there to keep the FC from coming loose in flight.  The moon gel is very sticky and holds the board in place.  I chose to use rubber bands to hold the board down because anything rigid would transmit vibration more readily.

2013-05-30 18.56.44_sm

All my electronics and doodads have velcro to keep them in place. The removable pieces (battery, receiver, flight controller, etc) use loop side and the base has hook side.

Here’s the finished product ready to be reinstalled into the quadcopter.  It weighs about 4 grams.

2013-05-30 18.48.33_sm

This whole project took about 20 min including “design” time.  Really there was not much design.  In fact it’s taken me longer to write up this blog post than it did to finish the mount.  I built this on a whim when the velcro on the original mount (some cut up mouse pad glued to the back) pealed up.  I may be imagining things but I think this helps the craft fly more stable.

I would like to see the next firmware add some sort of data logging feature that, among other things, would record how much vibration “noise” it was experiencing.  As far as I know, most of these vibration isolation designs are educated guesses and hokus pokus.

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