v911 on rafterAfter the garage fire I tried to busy myself with cleanup and research but I just couldn’t stand to go without flying.  I had read about a micro heli that could bind with the TH9x radios so I decided to try it out. It bound to the radio with little difficulty but after unsuccessfully trying to program the mixes in myself (with quite hilariously failure) I remembered that I could download mixes to my radio from the interwebz.  With its four channel single shaft gyro stabilized controls I was doing figure eights in my room in no time. It’s a blast to fly!

After getting the hang of its flight characteristics I gave myself a mission: land on a rafter in the great room. But such a tiny machine (it’s about 8 inches long) is invariably twitchy and the landing gear is very bouncy.  Plus, I discovered that there are strange drafts up there by the ceiling.  But the intrepid little v911 and its fearless leader didn’t give up and prevailed in the end.

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