After the flight in Maine I tried to further tune the tricopter but the yaw servo just wasn’t cooperating.  I decided to add an arm and make it a quad and be done with the cantankerous yaw mechanism.  I upgraded to the KK2.0 flight control board which makes it much easier to setup and tune. Here it is with the pool noodle landing gear, tuperware canopy, and #11 keychain cam (and no balancer on my transmitter!).

P1040251_2 P1040249_2

Here I have mounted my old Samsung Galaxy onto a tilt mount made of wood paneling.  That orange and green thing strapped to the back is a parachute man who can invade unsuspecting backyards.

2012-11-22 16.24.27_2

I still fly with this general setup today (minus the phone and parachute).

I took it to a local Halloween gathering and shot some video using the cheapo #11 camera. The resolution is very low and there’s a lot of jello. I have since improved the balance on the motors/props and built a new vibration dampening camera/battery mount.

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